Central Renewable Energy Fund


The immediate objective of the Central Renewable Energy Fund (CREF) is to institute the CREF as the core financial institution responsible for the effective delivery of subsidies and credit support to the renewable energy (RE) sector.
Component strategies

The CREF Component is designed to establish the CREF as the financial enabler for helping implement the deployment of Renewable Energy Technology (RET) in rural areas on the basis of an enacted legislation to establish the CREF. The CREF will have two principal activities:

  • The issuing of subsidies to qualified RET installers and other authorised recipients of subsidy funds, and
  • Facilitating the provision of credit facilities to households and communities that wish to acquire RETs.


The CREF Component consists of 2 outputs:
Output 1.1
: The CREF has been endowed with the capacity and powers to successfully carry out its operational mandate in cooperation with other sector organisations and the Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC) in particular, and
Output 1.2: The existing subsidy system modified to improve its effectiveness and to enhance its focus on women and marginalised groups.


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