Targets and Achievements


During 5 years programme tenure of NRREP, Biogas Subcomponent has set up its targets on different biogas systems. Within this time-frame, it has targeted to install 0.13 million (26 thousand per annum) Household Biogas plant all over the nation. Likewise, the targets of 1 thousand institutional (200 per annum), 2 hundred community based plants (40 per annum), 20 projects of Waste to Energy (by the end of NRREP) have been shaped to meet. Likewise, the concept of SGBP (Urban Domestic Biogas Plant) is planned to expand in the dense urban cities of Nepal. Beside all of those set targets, the component has a prime focus on increasing outreach in low biogas constructed/adopted districts.



Biogas system Plant Remarks
Domestic 26,000
Institutional 200  
Community 40  
SGBP 500 Ktm Valley (F.Y. 069/70)
W2E 20 Projects By the end of NRREP
Annual Targets for 2012-17 A.D. (in Figure)

Up to Fiscal Year 2011/12, the official record of AEPC/BSC shows that, at around 0.3 million biogas plants out of the total technical possibility of 1.3 million have been installed in all 75 districts and more than 2 thousand and 8 hundred village development committees (VDCs) of Nepal. Likewise, in around figure, 4 thousand biogas plants in Mountainous, 0.12 million plants in Hill and 0.15 million plants in Terai location of Nepal have been installed. Along with household biogas plants, at around 20 community and 300 institutional biogas system have been already set up in different locations of the country. The outreach of biogas is around 86% in rural areas and the urban has 14% biogas coverage. Likewise, at around 30% biogas plants are constructed in women's ownership and 20% in the ownership of disadvantaged/ marginalized/ excluded groups.
The major achievement can be seen in the supportive government policy. The renewable Energy Policy provides the framework conditions to disseminate such technologies and the subsidy policy has provisioned the subsidy/additional subsidy amount with the major focus on promoting biogas technology among targeted/disadvantaged groups, widow women, poor and vulnerable, conflict affected, disaster victims and low biogas constructed districts etc. GoN has also managed the credit facilities through micro-finance institutions at low interest rates for biogas plants installation together with German Development Bank (KfW) via AEPC.