Service Delivery Procedure

AEPC and its stakeholders backstop the developer communities through all the nine stages required to develop a mini/micro hydro. Finally, the community is responsible for its management and operation there on.

Step            Project Cycle Involvement
Stage-1 Request/demand Collection Users/RSC
Stage-2 Pre-feasibility Study RSC
Stage-3 Detailed Feasibility Study Survey Consulting Firms
Stage-4 Assessment and Approval of DFS from TRC CESC
Stage-5 Approval of Subsidy REF
Stage-6 Construction and Commissioning Users/Installer
Stage-7 Power Output and Household Verification and Quality Check POHVI
Stage-8 Operation and Management of Scheme and Development of Productive End use application Users
Stage-9 One Year Guarentee Check REF


Demand Collection Process


Project Identification Process


Project Development Process


Project Approval Process


Project Implementation Process

Quality Control Mechanism


Project Operation and Management