Success Stories

Key Achievements

  • 714,866 ICS till November 2012 throughout all ecological regions of the Country. 
  • 11,062 Metallic Improved Cook Stoves installed in high hill region of the country through private companies.
  • More than 1500 Institutional/commercial ICS.
  • 4 Institutional Gasifiers (Thermal) disseminated for drying agro-products.
  • 2372 VDCs, 33 Municipalities and 63 Districts covered by mud ICS installation.
  • 285 Local Partner Organizations (LPO) and District Service Center (DSC).
  • More than 8000 promoters/stove master trained for ICS building.
  • Installation capacity in place for installation of 100,000 ICS per year without subsidy.
  • 2 scientifically studied record on IAP measurement study in its working areas.
  • Widely accepted operational guideline for partners.
  • More than 3 Impacts studies reports in a regular 2 years interval using external consultants. 
  • Steering partner with Renewable energy Test Station (RETs) of National Academy of Science and Technology.