Success Stories

Registration/Inclusion: Nepal Biogas Support Program- PoA

Nepal Biogas Support Program -PoA was registered with the UNFCCC CDM executive board on 31 January 2013. The board notified the project participant about the registration of the PoA only on 24 September 2014. The inclusion of CDM Program Activities (CPAs) in the PoA was initiated before the registration of the PoA during the month of June. However, the real action for inclusion of three CPAs started on November 2013. On 08 May 2014, the three CPAs were included in the PoA.

Having successfully included five CPAs in the PoA, there are altogether 99,698 digesters included in five CPAs of the PoA and the numbers are likely to rise having good progress in biogas sector in the year 2013/14. With the figure of 99,698 digesters installed under the PoA, it ideally reduces almost 0.3 million tons of Carbon Dioxide equivalents annually which can be traded.

Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement of Improved Water Mills

Asian Development Bank's Future Carbon Fund (ADB/FCF) has signed Certified Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement (CERPA) with AEPC on 09 September 2014 for the emission reductions attributable to PoA for Promotion of Improved Water Mills (IWM) in Nepal developed and implemented by AEPC. Now AEPC are contractually obliged to supply 75,000 Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) till 2019 which the ADB/FCF will purchase. In the scenario where the PoA is yet to be registered with the UNFCCC CDM executive board, the execution of the CERPA is notable success. This PoA envisages implementing the improved water mills (long shaft and short shaft) in hilly areas of Nepal.