South Asia Sub-regional Economic Cooperation (SASEC)


South Asia Sub-regional Economic Cooperation (SASEC) project, funded by Asian Development Bank (ADB), has two components namely on-grid and off-grid power system expansion in Nepal. The implementation partner of SASEC on-grid component is Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) and the implementation partner of SASEC off-grid component is Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC). The ADB/SASEC Project Number is 44219 wherein the Loan Number is 3139-NEP (SF) and the Grant Number is 0398-NEP (EF).

Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC) is an Implementing Agency and the Ministry of Population and Environment is an Executing Agency for the SASEC Off-Grid Component. Asian development Bank and Alternative Energy Promotion Centre has signed agreement on 11-July-2014 for the Implementation of SASEC Off-Grid Component.

Project Impact and Outcome

The SASEC Off-grid project impact will be increased electricity access in Nepal and the outcome will be enhanced renewable energy development.

SASEC off-grid project lies under the SASEC Nepal output number 3 and 4. The output number 3 will be mini-grid based renewable energy systems in off-grid areas of Nepal will be increased. This includes installation of up to total 4.3 MW of mini hydro-electric power plants and up to total 0.5 MW of mini-grid based solar or solar/wind hybrid systems, in selected rural communities, through the provision of (a) credit line of $5 million from ADB’s Special Funds to user communities for mini-hydro power plants and (b) a $10 million grant from the SCF administered by ADB.
Similarly, output number 4 of SASEC off-grid project is capacity development supports to AEPC provided. The physical investments will be reinforced and supplemented by capacity building support to AEPC, including project management support, preparation support for rural electrification master plan and feasibility study of utility level wind farm, and parallel livelihood development activities in the project area. 

Project Duration

The project will be executed over a period of approximate six (6) years from the date of loan effectiveness. The Project implementation will be from January 2015 and estimated completion date will be 31 December 2021. The grant and loan closing will be on 30 June 2022.

On-going SASEC PIU Activities

  • Dissemination of 1,500 numbers of portable solar powered lighting/mobile charging systems to the earthquake victimized rural communities of Tanahu, Gorkha, Lamjung, Nuwakot and Sindhupalchok districts.
  • Under feasibility study of large scale wind farm activity, AEPC/SASEC has successful completed installation of two (2) Wind Met Mast systems in Chisapani Kailali district and Mityal Palpa district. Online data is being received every day by AEPC.
  • Under feasibility study of large scale wind farm activity, another four (4) Wind Met Mast installation project is under development phase.
  • Nine Regional Service Centers (RSCs) are contracted for the social mobilization services.
  • Simrutu Mini-hydro Subproject is under development phase.
  • Chisapani/Hariharpurgadi Solar/Wind Hybrid subproject is under development phase. 
  • Subsequent Renewable Energy Mini-grid based subproject Site Identification and Feasibility Study is ongoing. 
  • Project Performance Management System (PPMS) manual is under development .

Project Management and Implementation Unit at AEPC

1. Mr. Ram Prasad Dhital, Executive Director, AEPC, and SASEC Program Director

2. Mr. Narayan Prasad Adhikari, Assistant Director, AEPC, and SASEC Project Manager

3. Mr. Santosh Rai, Engineer, AEPC, and AEPC Deployed Officer for SASEC 

4. Mr. Madan Shankar Shrestha, Procurement Expert, SASEC-AEPC

5. Mr. Khem Raj Bhandari, Renewable Energy (Solar/Wind) Expert, SASEC-AEPC

6. Mr. British Singh, Mini-hydropower Expert, SASEC-AEPC  

7. Mr. Narayan Bhatta, Monitoring and Evaluation Expert, SASEC-AEPC

8. Ms. Salina Gewali, Office Assistant, SASEC-AEPC e.