TOR & Proposals

Category Name Published On Expiry Date
TERMS OF REFERENCE: Develop a Knowledge Product based on the Best Practices and Learnings of RERL 2019-11-29 2019-12-09  
Community Electrification Terms of Reference (ToR) For “Mini / Micro Hydro Site Engineer” in different Provinces 2019-11-29  
Community Electrification REQUEST FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST - Role of “ Mini/Micro Hydro Project Site Engineer” 2019-11-29  
RFP “Site Investigations and Detailed Feasibility Study (DFS) Report Preparation of Karnali-Chisapani WindPower Project” 2019-11-27  
MGEAP Selection of Mini Grid (Micro/Mini Hydro, Solar, Wind and Solar/Wind) Subproject and Energy Service Company (ESCO) 2019-11-27  
Solar and Wind EoI Document- for Permanent Establishment and Operation of a ULAB Management and Recycling Plant in Nepal 2019-11-23  
RFP-Selection of Consulting Services for: Conducting "Biogas User’s Survey 2019/20 for Nepal Biogas Support Programme - PoA 2019-11-21  
Terms of Reference (ToR) for CDM Verification of 4 Biogas Project Activities and one CPA inclusion in Nepal Biogas Support Programme-PoA 2019-11-21  
Terms of Reference (ToR) for CDM Verification of PoA for Promotion of the Improved Water Mills (IWM) in Nepal 2019-11-21  
Community Electrification Terms of References for Roster Engineers for the assessment of under construction / uncompleted Micro Hydro Projects (MHPs) 2019-11-21  
Selection of Consulting Services for: Conduction of Biogas User Survey 2019/20 for Biogas Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Projects Activities 2019-11-21  
RFP: Conducting " Emission Reduction monitoring (User Survey) of Improved Water Mill Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Programme of Activity (PoA) – 2019” 2019-11-21  
Biogas RFP- Testing and Commissioning (T&C) of Approximately 80 Institutional/Community Biogas Plants 2019-11-18  
RFP - Consulting serveice for Business Opportunities Assessment and Business Plan Preparation of Solar Mini-Grid Projects in Thabang and Susta 2019-11-07 2019-11-14  
Bioenergy Selection of Consulting Services from NGO for: Awareness Creation, Orientation, Empowerment, Assessment and Monitoring of Biogas Plants in Earthquake Affected Makawanpur Districts 2019-11-03