Our Approach

NACC is a public-private collaboration platform initially hosted and promoted by AEPC. In order to achieve the strategic intent of Clean Cooking Solutions to All, NACC will take following approaches.

  • Creating enabling environment
    • NACC will bring synergy among partner organisations and will create a strong forum for sharing successes, failures and issues faced. It will actively engage members in discussion on policy instruments required to achieve the strategic intent.
  • Attracting additional finances
    • NACC will strive to bring various national and international actors together so that those interested to invest on impact, and those with implementation expertise can collaborate to achieve the strategic intent.
  • Improving the quality of customized product lines
    • NACC will showcase the successful national and international products and business models that have higher level of affordability, replicability and scalability in Nepal. This will include information on Nepali cookstoves market intelligence including the market size, nature of market, present actors etc.
  • Understanding of rural and urban Nepali markets for cook stoves.
    • Achievement of strategic intent requires re-analysing our understanding and perception of the rural as well as urban Nepali markets and household decision making processes for cookstoves adoption.
    • NACC will attract private sector expertise and investment in understanding the markets, coupled with academia and their research strength, and will fertilize their input in ensuring deeper and clearer understanding of the cookstove markets.
The alliance provides a strong national platform and works as a national resource centre for facilitation and information sharing in product improvement, financing, identifying and understanding market dynamics, enhancing demand and creating enabling environment, including policy advice.

NACC will work for establishing relations with Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (GACC) to represent Nepal. GACC is an innovative public-private partnership comprised of over 650 partners working together to save lives, improve livelihoods, empower women and protect the environment by creating a thriving global market for clean cooking solutions.