Value proposition and benefits of the alliance to its members

The value proposition may improve to include other elements within the scope of the NACC.

  1. National alliance for coordinating sector knowledge
    1. NACC will not generate its own knowledge products, however, it will collect information, knowledge and updates from member organisations and provide them in an interactive and accessible platform.
    2. Present a web-based, comprehensive and map based view of the cookstoves including market segment information (demand and supply) for all parts of Nepal.
    3. NACC will feed members and general public with comprehensive and incremental information, news and updates related to cookstoves sub-sector in Nepal.
    4. NACC will seek assistance of relevant partners for formation and operation of this alliance and will establish a partnership with GACC and promote GACC initiatives and opportunities provided for Nepal. NACC will also work for inclusion of Nepal as a priority country in the second phase of GACC support after 2014.
    5. NACC will maintain and update online members' directory and contact details for quick access.
  2. Collaboration platform
    1. NACC will organize events, meetings, seminars, etc. and will ensure at least one annual face to face meet among members
    2. NACC web portal will allow members to post jobs and updates. Jobs board is aimed to attract high traffic to the web-portal and updates to disseminate information to key stakeholders.
    3. NACC, upon request, will help in facilitating partnership between parties interested in working towards clean cooking solutions to all and will encourage members in mobilizing resources for strengthening the collaboration.
  3. Enabling environment
    1. NACC will hold consultations and discussions on all policy instruments required to achieve the strategic intent.
    2. NACC will bring perspectives of various interest groups and organizations including government, private sector and development partners on one table.
    3. NACC will organize collaborative events together with national and international actors to attract Nepali population on the theme that cooking shouldn't kill.
    4. NACC will discuss and provide information on product quality, standardization, testing and certification. NACC will discuss and take up new and concrete enabling environment initiatives..