Government of Nepal
Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation

Alternative Energy Promotion Centre

Making Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Mainstream Supply in Nepal
Monitoring and Quality Assurance

The Monitoring and Quality Assurance (MQA) Section involves in setting up result-based M&E system which has been viewed as a vital management tool in the AEPC. One of the major tasks of the section is to conduct monitoring of installed renewable energy technologies installed under subsidy support of Government of Nepal. As per the Subsidy Policy and Subsidy Delivery Mechanism of Government of Nepal, the section conducts independent third party monitoring of various renewable energy technologies. Based on the monitoring result the team recommends for further action to AEPC management.

The MQA unit has been setting up necessary M&E systems and tools such as Baseline, MIS, verification, reporting, review & Feedback, progress tracking etc toward instituting result based M&E system. The results based M&E system will therefore have designed for detailing the operation of the feedback mechanism including how it provides management information to the different levels of NRREP management. The AEPC has already framed result area for monitoring and quality assurance as ‘develop and implement AEPC monitoring system for the result-based management’.