Peltric Set

Pico Hydro Technology

Pico hydro shall be understood as hydroelectric generating units with capacities upto 10 kW. It is simple and cheap technology that can be developed in local level. It includes Peltric Sets and also technologies which uses Pelton Turbine (low discharge and high head), Cross flow Turbine and other technologies (high discharge and low head) depending on available discharge and head. 


In Nepal, local manufacturer have developed Peltric Sets up to 5 kW capacities. Peltric Set is a single combined unit of induction generator, pelton turbine and simple control mechanism. Peltric Sets can be installed at hilly regions using high density polythene (HDPE) pipe of water supply projects.


Pico Hydro Technology has following advantages:

  • It can be implemented and managed by local knowledge.It is cheap as Peltric Sets and other Pico Hydro Technology with low discharge and high head uses HDPE  pipe which saves cost of transportation, canal construction and installation
  • Its total project cost is low and necessary resources can be generated at local level (VDC, DDC, other agencies).
  • It can be installed in short period of time and community can get immediate benefit.
  • It serves small community and therefore well manageable.
  • Medium level trained technician can easily install the technology
  • It can be installed at Break Pressure Tank (BPT) of water supply projects which is easy and cost effective. 
  • Community people can get easy access of technical and management support of DDC: DEEU/S