Proactive Disclosure

AEPC as per clause regarding “Proactive Disclosure” on the Right to Information Act 2007 (2064 BS) and Right to Information Regulations 2009 (2065 BS) publishes the proactive disclosure report every three months. The proactive disclosure report disseminates information on AEPC’s duties, responsibilities and authority, organizational structure, citizen’s charter, responsibilities of sections and units of AEPC, decision making process, grievance handling mechanism, major tasks implemented by AEPC, income and expenditure of AEPC and other required disclosures.

Title Published On Attachment
स्वतः प्रकाशन (वैशाख–असार,२०७६) 2019-07-30  
स्वतः प्रकाशन (माघ–चैत्र), २०७५ (Proactive Disclosure of AEPC) 2019-04-25  
Proactive Disclosure (Kartik - Poush, 2075) 2019-01-29  
Proactive Disclosure (Shrawan - Ashoj, 2075) 2018-11-01  
Proactive Disclosure (Kartik - Poush, 2074) 2018-09-05  
Proactive Disclosure (Magh - Chaitra, 2074) 2018-09-05  
Proactive Disclosure (Baishak- Ashar, 2075) 2018-07-27