Urban solar is programme which is implemented in electrified area of country by national grid through AEPC. The Government of Nepal (GoN) has started this programme from fiscal year (2070/71).

Availibity of affordable and reliable electricity is very important for sustainable economic growth and development. Due to population growth, rapid urbanization and industrial development, the demand of electricity growing every year whereas the generations and supply of the same is lagging far behind because of various reasons resulting in longer hours of power- cuts. For the last six years , The Government of Nepal  (GoN) has made numerous efforts to address the issues of load –shedding and to reduce the supply-demand gaps of electricity .However ,the significant improvement in the situations is yet to be seen and an innovative and different approach rather than conventional one is felt necessary. In the same regard, The Government of Nepal (GoN) has announced URBAN SOLAR PROGRAMME from the fiscal year 2070/71.

The Objective:

The main objective of this program is to address acute shortage of energy and inefficient consumption of electricity, which has caused great discomfort in everyday life of urban areas and hugely hindered the development of country. In conjunction, it also aims to promote Renewable Energy Technologies (RETs) and energy efficient technologies in electrified areas. Use of RETs will allow the users to produce their own energy and make them less dependent on electricity provided by national grid. This shall reduce the load on National Electricity Authority (NEA) and consequently decrease load-shedding period.