Government of Nepal
Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation

Alternative Energy Promotion Centre

Making Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Mainstream Supply in Nepal


Drawing from the lessons of the first year of implementing NRREP, a need to strengthen the focus on outreach to aid expansion of renewable energy technologies has been realized by the programme. In order to reinforce this focus, a dedicated sub-component for managing the outreach (through DDC and RSC in particular) has been established on September 2013 by the Programme Steering Committee, the apex body for decision-making in NRREP and named it Local Body Coordination and Outreach Management Sub-Component (in short Outreach).


The major responsibility of Outreach SC is to establish and strengthen institutional set up of DEECCS (previously DEEU/S) and RSCs by enhancement of their capabilities, collaborate with local governance bodies (DDC, VDC and municipalities) and other related stakeholders to make use of their existing institutional mechanism and program to enhance the livelihood of the rural and remote people though intervention of renewable energy services. In this context, ownership, harmonization, synergy, result for monitoring and alignment are most crucial elements of the coordination and make the clarity on roles and responsibility of all stakeholders.