Household Biogas

Basically, the domestic biogas system is being implemented in the rural areas of Nepal. The Manure of domestic animals (oxen and cows, buffaloes etc), human waste/excreta are the primary feeding material/source for this biogas system. The slurry as a by-product of this system is being more effective on organic and sustainable productions in Nepal. The proper use of which is replacing the use of chemical fertilizer which ultimately has saved money and maintained the clean and green surroundings/environment. GoN has been promoting biogas plants of different capacity under this system, such as 2cu m, 4cu m, 6cu m and 8cu m plants fall under this category. For those plants, GGC 2047 and modified design of GGC 2047 are being implied.

Up to now, the plants at around figure of 0.3 million have been already installed all around Nepal with a common initiative of GoN, development partners and partner agencies. The role of biogas companies is most crucial on development of the biogas sector. Now in Nepal, around 100 biogas companies are carrying their construction/promotional activities with the Pre-Qualification (PQ) identity.