Improved Water Mill

Improved Water Mill (IWM)

IWM is an intermediate technology that increases the efficiency of Traditional Water Mills (TWMs) resulting in increased energy output thus helping both the millers and its users. Replacement of wooden parts (rotor and shaft) with metallic parts is the main improvement made in this technology. Two types of IWMs are in practice: short shaft solely for grinding, and long shaft for grinding and other end uses such as paddy hulling and husking, rice polishing, saw-milling, oil expelling, lokta beating, chiura (flattened rice) making, and a number of others as per the need.


IWM provides energy services to households at a cheap investment and maintenance cost within a short period required for the construction work. The technology can also generate electricity up to 3-5 kW, sufficient for lighting and operating small electric and electronic devices such as televisions, radios, computers, battery charging stations, and other small electric home appliances- suitable for remote small clustered hamlets.