AEPC Staff

Name Position Area Ext No. Email
Mr. Madhusudhan Adhikari Executive Director AEPC
Mr. Nawa Raj Dhakal Deputy Executive Director AEPC 139
Dr. Narayan Pd. Adhikari Director Technology Division 222
Mr. Rudra Prasad Khanal Director Administration Division 258
Dr. Surya Kumar Sapkota Director Planning and Monitoring Division 257
Laxmi Prasad Poudel Chief Account Comptroller (Under- Secretary) Account 217
Dr. Laxman Pd. Ghimire Assistant Director Solar & Wind Energy/ Energy Efficiency 554
Mr. Madan KC Assistant Director Administration/ Store/Procurement/Monitoring 238
Mr. Mukesh Ghimire Assistant Director Bioenergy 270
Ms. Parbata Bhatta Assistant Director ISPU/GESI and ESS 250
Mr. Rana Bahadur Thapa Senior Officer Planning/Climate and Carbon 221
Ms. Shubha Laxmi Shrestha Senior Officer Community Electrification/Productive Energy Use 133
Mr. Prakash Aryal Senior Officer -
Mr. Krishna Chandra Poudel Senior Officer Outreach management/ Communications and IT 256
Dr. Kundan Pokhrel(Majagaiya) Senior Officer Monitoring/ Procurement 402
Mr. Ishwar Chandra Khanal Senior Officer Bioenergy 230
Mr. Santosh Rai Senior Officer Solar and Wind Energy 128
Ms. Roshani Regmi Senior Officer Admin/GESI/ESS/Complaince 223
Sujan Prasai Account Officer Account
Mr. Chaitanya Prakash Chaudhary Engineer Solar and Wind Energy 563
Ms. Pratima K.C Engineer Bioenergy 561
Mr. Lawa Kumar Thapa Socio-Economist Planning/Climate and Carbon 215
Mr. Sundar Bahadur Khadka Energy Officer Solar and Wind Energy 556
Mr. Amanul Hak Ansari Training Officer Solar and wind Energy/IT 555
Mr. Prakash Bhandari Engineer Community Electrification/Productive Energy Use 260
Ms. Sarmila Shrestha Computer Officer Procurement/Administration 265
Ms. Sabita Aryal Admin Officer ISPU (Integrated Subsidy Processing Unit) 222
Ms. Shrijana Pandey Adminstrative Officer Bioenergy 560
Mr. Puskar Shrestha Quality Control Officer Bioenergy 114
Mr. Saroj Bahadur Karki Quality Control Officer Solar and Wind Energy 555
Mr. Rajan Acharya Sub- Engineer Community Electrification/Productive Energy Use 544
Mr. Khagendra K.C Sub- Engineer Monitoring/ Procurement 240
Ms. Padma Poudel Account Assistant Account 134
Mr. Bimal Prasad Bhusal Sub- Admin Assistant Admin/Monitoring 111
Mr. Surya Syangtan Driver Administration
Ms. Bimala Khatiwoda Office Helper Administration 100
Ms. Ratna KumariTimilsina Office Helper Administration
Mr. Sishir Thapa Magar Office Helper Administration
Mr. Rukum Bahadur Kuchikar Sweeper Administration
Mr. Lil Bahadur Moktan Office Helper Administration
Ms. Samjhana Dangol Office Helper Administration